The VetCAT™ CBCT is an innovative and portable Cone Beam CT (CBCT) machine designed and calibrated specifically for veterinary use. Unlike traditional CT machines, the VetCAT™ is completely mobile for table-side use and is self-shielded so there is often no need for a dedicated scanning room or expensive shielding. The VetCAT™ CBCT features the largest field of view available to ensure quick and effective scanning of the patient. VetCAT™ scans take less than a minute and generate high-quality 3D x-rays of the patient’s anatomy for immediate diagnosis of disease or injury.

Why Cone Beam?

The original CT technology involved taking images in slices, as a result, more radiation was needed, and limitations of the technique caused gaps in sampling data and artifacts on scans. Cone beam technology shoots a fan or cone of radiation significantly reducing scatter and provides a clearer scan with a more complete set of data.

1. Safety

Cone beam technology uses less radiation and shoots a more direct shot of radiation, keeping your staff protected and less radiation to the patient. Because VetCAT™ is self-shielded, there is no need for a dedicated scanning room or expensive room shielding.

2. Speed

Cone beam technology is much faster than traditional CT units, taking 360 degrees of images in 20 seconds and reconstructing in less than a minute. Modern software allows for a rendered diagnostic scan in about 2 minutes time for same day diagnosis.

3. Portable

The VetCAT™ is truly a mobile CBCT machine capable of rolling up to any treatment table in your hospital. Featuring locking caster wheels it can move as freely as an ultrasound unit easily stored and accessed as needed.

4. Image Quality

Cone beam technology is able to deliver a more complete set of images than any traditional CT could offer before. Featuring the largest field of view available with .007mm resolution and geometrical accuracy superior to multi-slice full-body CT machines the VetCAT™ is a more effective option for diagnosing pathology.

5. Support

The VetCAT™ is provided with annual service by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance and growth of dentistry and dermatology in your hospital. An intuitive online DICOM storage portal and PACS server compatibility makes it easy to share scans with colleagues, clients, and experts at the manufacturer.

Warranty and Service plan includes:

  • Unlimited onsite service
  • Unlimited remote diagnostics and support
  • Unlimited software upgrades
  • Unlimited support of XoranConnect® web image storage and remote access
  • Annual preventative maintenance

Download: VetCAT™ PDF


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