Mobile CT for Veterinary Clinics of All Sizes

VetCAT™ is a small, portable CT scanner designed for use by veterinary professionals in the clinic. VetCAT™ rolls easily into position at your patient’s table. With the push of a button, you get a high-quality CT scan of your patient in less than a minute.

View VetCAT™ CBCT in Veterinary Use:

VetCAT™ equips you with state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) scanning at your fingertips.


Be the Veterinarian With The Answers


  • Improve Outcomes

Improving companion animal health is at the forefront of everything you do. Pet owners rely on you for answers. Your immediate access to high definition 3D X-Rays with VetCAT™ will help speed your diagnoses and improve the accuracy of our planning and treatment. VetCAT™ will make a dramatic impact on how you treat your patients and build relationships with pet owners.

  • Eliminate Doubt

VetCAT™’s fully 3D x-ray views eliminate doubt. Traditional 2D radiographs provide only basic planar views that don’t allow you to see what lies behind and around your region of interest. With VetCAT™ 3D CT, there are no surprises. You can view your patient’s anatomy in high definition with geometric accuracy from all angles. VetCAT™’s measurement tools will aid in precise planning and provide you with a roadmap of the anatomy you are about to approach clinically.

  • Efficient Treatment

Equipped with answers from VetCAT™, you can avoid delays, hidden surprises, and uncertainty, and move confidently with a data-driven plan to guide you from diagnosis through treatment.