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Dental Focus®, LLC

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Dental Focus®, LLC

Dental Focus®, LLC™ offers top quality veterinary dental equipment. You can benefit from the experience of a coalition of Veterinary Dentists, and Technicians. The dentistry solutions we offer have been developed by experts in the veterinary dental industry to bring you the very best equipment for all aspects of veterinary dentistry.

Dental Focus®, LLC™ offers you over 20 years experience in veterinary dentistry and more than a decade in dental radiography. We have worked at hundreds of wet labs and have unparalleled experience in this area. This single-minded focus allows us to provide the best product with the best support available.

 Sopix Dental Equipment

“The best person to buy this equipment from is Jim Merritt. He has the best customer service and will help training your staff with anything they need. You will Love it!”

Kate Knutson, DVM AAHA President 2013-2014, AVMA House of Delegates, Alternate

“The images are better than Dexis and ScanX. I took this radiograph this morning for a technician course, I was trying to mess it up . . . Found this nasal fb by accident!”

Dr. Stephen Holmstrom, DVM, Dipl., AVDC Past President, American Veterinary Dental College, Animal Dental Clinic

"Very satisfied. Excellent diagnostic quality. Excellent customer service."

Ludwigs Veterinary Hospital Peter Levin, VMD

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