VetCAT™ CBCT in Veterinary Use




Working Together to Support Our Veterinarians 

“The VetCAT™ has been easy to learn and implement in our practice. It is efficient and mobile, allowing us to scan every patient without slowing down our daily flow significantly. It has also provided diagnosis that would have been missed with traditional intraoral radiography, which allows us to provide more complete treatment in some patients. It’s no small investment but we have been able to see a profit without adding significant costs to our clients.”

– Wade Gingerich, DVM, DAVDC

Pet Dental Center

Estero, FL

VetCAT™ is an essential imaging tool we use on virtually every patient. Chairside scans eliminate patient transport and generate 3D studies in less than 2 minutes. We routinely identify pathology not visible on dental radiographs in our periodontal cases, brachycephalic breeds, and maxillofacial trauma cases.”

– Dr. Stephen Juriga, DVM, Dipl. AVDC
Veterinary Dental Center
Aurora, IL

Dr. Juriga, Dr. Sasser, Dr. Bilyard and the staff of Veterinary Dental Center utilize the mobility and convenience of bedside CT in their animal dental facility on a daily basis. VetCAT™ is compact in size, spins on a dime in small spaces, and provides high-quality 2D & 3D images in minutes for quick diagnoses and treatment planning.