“Dental Focus simply wanted every detail covered and wanted us to be successful. From the right equipment to installation to training – they were truly interested in a perfect experience.”

-David Wright, DVM
The Pet Hospitals
18 S. Byhalia Road
Collierville, TN 38017

 “The best person to buy this equipment from is Jim Merritt. He has the best customer service and will help training your staff with anything they need. You will Love it!”

-Kate Knutson, DVM
AAHA President 2013-2014
AVMA House of Delegates, Alternate Chair, Pet Nutrition Alliance
Academic Liaison University of Minnesota
Past President, Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics
Pet Crossing Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic
Bloomington, MN
(952) 884-8248; drkateknutsonAAHA@gmail.com
Driver of AAHA Dental Guidelines

“I hate to say it, but the images are better than Dexis and ScanX.  I took this radiograph this morning for a technician course, I was trying to mess it up . . . Found this nasal fb by accident!”

-Dr. Stephen Holmstrom, DVM, Dipl., AVDC * Pre market evaluation
Past President, American Veterinary Dental College
Animal Dental Clinic
987 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 610-9501; Steve@Toothvet.com
Works with many sensors and software programs


“Very satisfied. Excellent diagnostic quality. Excellent customer service.”

-Ludwigs Veterinary Hospital * Upgraded from Progeny – 2 clinics
Peter Levin, VMD
915 N. Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, PA 19425
(610) 458-8567; plevin195@aol.com

“We are enjoying the sensor, and returning the Progeny sensor. It was very easy to learn the software, and it has cut down on the number of retakes needed to get good exposure and positioning, especially with our feline patients. We have had contact with tech support twice, and both times our technician (same one both times) was very helpful and resolved our questions speedily.”

-Hoffman Animal Hospital * upgraded from Progeny
Lisa Hoffman, DVM
15 Old Mill Bottom Rd, Annapolis, MD 21409-5406
(410) 757-3566; lho116062@aol.com



“Total dental income from Jan 1st to July 30th in 2009 was $32,473, not including lab work, anesthesia, pharmaceuticals, foods, or home care products impacted by dental care.  In the most recent year evaluated, total dental income from Jan 1 to July 30th was $67,793.  What the heck happened to cause this???!!!  The answer is actually pretty simple and straightforward:
· We committed to using digital dental radiography and upgraded to SOPIX.
· We learned how to create glossy color dental reports showing before and after pictures, radiographic images of damaged/ infected teeth,      and understandable dental charts and home care plans. Clients said they had never seen their pet’s mouth before and no idea these problems were present!
· This led us to ask the obvious question: why the heck are we not doing full mouth radiographs, when we know that infected/diseased/damaged teeth are constantly surprising us by what we see on radiographs versus what we DIDN’T SEE on exam??”

-Sharon Lakes Animal Hospital
Steve Weaver, DVM
7619 Sharon Lakes Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210
(704) 552-0647; Weavervet@aol.com

“Our practice loves our SOPIX sensor. The image quality is fabulous and we are extracting more teeth than ever before (had no X-ray previously). We also use the sensor frequently for nasal rads and to dx jawbone neoplasia. The Dental Focus, LLC team was essential for training our technicians to take dental rads as well as use the software. The learning curse was so steep. They are seasoned pros at this time.”

-Plains Animal Hospital
Sara Dorman, VMD
242 S. River St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705
(570) 829-4030; sdorman42@aol.com



“I just want to tell you how please I am with our new dental sensor. It’s beautiful! The image quality is so much better, my technician loves it and it’s so easy to use. I really appreciate all the help you gave us. I highly recommend it! SOPIX has brought in over $12,000 worth of income in the first 8-months. We’re doing whole mouth X-rays on all dentals. Very happy! $12,000 is just the dental X-ray part of it. We charge every dental patient for whole mouth X-rays. We never took as many X-rays as we do now with the new system.”

-Countryside Veterinary Hospital * upgraded
Dr. Jim Micinilio
374 Leavenworth Rd., Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-0197; jimmicinilio@slovglobal.net; countrysidevh@hotmail.com



“In general practice dentistry is an essential part of good patient care. So I was looking for a good imaging system to take intraoral x-rays. After a year of trial and error I experienced two main problems: bad technology and good sales representative or vice versa. I was very glad to meet Jim Merritt at the NAVC conference in Orlando. No kidding: he and the SOPIX sensor are by far the best team I encountered so far. Jim is very dedicated, professional and compassionate. I can reach him on the phone I case I have a question or need an advice. More than that, since I run my place in Germany he logs into my computer system and gives me continuing support whenever I need it provided I regard the time difference of nine hours of course. His help is honest and very valuable and adds the real value to my dental imaging system. Jim, you are great, thank you!  We had been struggling with a slow CR dental system for years accepting the quality of the images we were getting as acceptable and normal. Jim Merritt then introduced us to the SOPIX sensor and the SOPRO imaging software. We now realize how much staff and anesthetic time we had been wasting and how poor the “good” images we had been getting really were. The installing and training was efficient and productive for my staff/docs and we were up and rolling in no time. Extremely glad I made the change…. should have made the change long ago!”

-Dr. Josef Schiele
Lackermanweg 4
83071 Stephanskirchen, Germany
0049-806-3033473; Josef.Schiele@t-online.de



“Everyone at Dental Focus, LLC has been very professional and informative. I would not hesitate to deal with them in the future. The quality of the SOPIX sensor is 2nd to none.”

-Middendorf Animal Hospital & Laser Center
Jay Middendorf, DVM
9930 Berberich Drive
Florence, KY 41042

“Jim Merritt has gone above and beyond to help us plan for our X-ray needs and Brittney is always there for any questions that come up. We love the system and the team behind it.”

-Forever Pet Dental
Jacqueline Myers, DVM
18809 SE 25th St., Vancouver, WA 98683
(360) 859-3790; jac.myers@yahoo.com

“You can always rely on me to give positive feedback to prospective purchasers.”

-Harborfront Hospital for Animals
Michigan State University
James Moore, DVM
807 West Savidge St., Spring Lake, MI 39356
(616) 842-7011; moorejam@cvm.msu.edu

“I could not believe the difference in quality over our old system in terms of detail. Cats, which our technicians used to hate to have to do because of the difficulties of shooting around the zygomatic arch, are now a breeze. Jim has been a pleasure to work with and has been very helpful.”

-East Lincoln Animal Hospital
Kirk Carroll, DVM
7555 N. Carolina Hwy 73E, Denver, NC 28037
(704) 827-5300; kirkcarroll@bellsouth.net

“Not having to re-shoot X-rays due to under or over-exposure really speed up our procedures and makes it extremely user-friendly. Love the new software – very easy to use and clients are blown away when showing the X-rays.”

-Paws & Claws Animal Hospital
Dr. Sam Smith
6402 Old Fort Rd., Wilmington, NC 28411
(910) 538-2301; gatordoc17@yahoo.com

“Outstanding customer service. Excellent image quality. Perfect exposure 95% of the time. Compared image and software with Progeny. In a side-by-side test, SOPIX images were clearly superior, and technicians preferred the SOPIX Software; easier to use and more intuitive. Proper exposure over the Progeny was a huge plus. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you!”

-Northrock Hospital for Animals * upgraded from Progeny
Bryan Weidler, DVM
8338 E. 29th St. N., Wichita, KS 67226
(316) 636-2917; docweidler@sbsglobal.net

“Excellent equipment beyond compared to other products out there – incredible upgrade from our Pro-Image System.”

-Cat Care of Vinings
Michael Friedlander, DVM
4691 So. Atlanta Rd., Suite 200, Smyrna, GA 30080
(404) 792-0700; drmike0323@gmail.com

“This was my first experience with dental radiography in my practice. I couldn’t be happier with my SOPIX Sensor.”

-Anne Arundel Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Donald Schrank
4800 Ritchie Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21225
(410) 789-0600; donschrank@yahoo.com

“Great radiographs. Allow us to help our patients by finding more disease then we could before. It has functioned well with no bad radiographs. It is easy to use.”

-Burke Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Michael Alt
6401 Shiplett Blvd, Burke, VA 22015
(703) 455-6222; alt_michael@hotmail.com

“Working with the sensor was easy and rewarding on the first patient. It does take some practice with the sensor when trying to fit in small dog and cat mouths but it certainly works. Amazing how nicely the images portray detail. Also, I find the software to be very user-friendly. I haven’t trained the technicians yet but they’re excited by what they’ve seen so far.”

-Brockton Animal Hospital
Dr. Morgan Hurley
386 Belmont St., Brockton, MA 02301
(508) 588-4142

“I am very pleased with the image quality and highly recommend this product to all of my referring veterinarians.”

-Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery of N.M.
Kris Bannon, DVM, FAVD, Dipl., AVDC
2001 Vivigen Way, Sante Fee, NM 08505
(505) 471-0747; AggieKris@aol.com

“I am pretty sure a practice can justify the unit and training! We switched with ease to total mouth rads. We had a 3X increase in dental income when we stopped using film and went to SOPIX 2.”

-Parkview Cat Clinic
Grant Gugisberg, DVM
837 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Mendota Heights, MN 55118
(651) 552-0848; parkviewcatclinic@gmail.com


“We have really enjoyed having our system. The picture speed and quality is amazing. Our training session was thorough and customer service has been great. SOPIX has made integrating dental radiography into our practice a breeze and our increased revenue confirms we made the right decision.”

-Gayton Animal Hospital
Samantha Tisnado, DVM
9764 Gayton Rd, Richmond, VA 23238
(804) 741-0144; hkmontgomery@hotmail.com

“Excellent sensor, amazingly beautiful radiographs. The fact that you can’t over-expose the image makes the learning curve for taking rads so much smaller. Printing out reports for clients is easy and takes less than a minute. Easy to ID pathology and make more money providing excellent care to our patients! Dent Focus, LLC has been so helpful and easy to work with. They really have gone above and beyond for us, which is a true rarity in this day and age. Honest, trustworthy folks and truly a pleasure.”

-Mayfair Animal Hospital
Kristin Musgrave, DVM
1130 SW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 27513
(919) 467-6146; gatorvet@mayfairvet.com


“First, the SOPIX automatically adjusts its exposure, meaning that we are able to obtain correct exposure each and every time. With the prior sensor, we had to be exact in both our x-ray generator settings and the distance from the generator to the sensor. (Even when the settings and positioning were perfect, fluctuations in the power to, or x-rays from, the generator would sometimes cause improper exposure.) The result is we take approximately 2/3 less x-rays than we used to take to obtain proper exposures. This is a significant reduction in both the time needed to radiograph a patient and the amount of radiation staff is exposed to.
Secondly, the default filters in the SOPIX software produce a very detailed image, and the image only occasionally needs additional adjusting to be optimally diagnostic. With our prior sensor, all images needed to be adjusted manually after capture to be optimal. This is a significant additional time saver.
I highly recommend this sensor for practices considering a digital dental sensor, especially those new to dental radiography. By producing a correctly exposed and detailed image each time, the SOPIX allows operators to concentrate on learning positioning and interpretation.”

-VCA Battleground Animal Hospital
John W. Williams, DVM
9804 NE 219th Street, Battle Ground, WA, 98604
(360) 687-7151; jwwdvm@comcast.net

“I just replaced my Schick with the SOPIX and love it. Sometimes I pull the Schick out to compare and never regret the decision to upgrade. And Schick is no slouch.”

-Dr. Chris Carter, FAVD *Upgraded from Schick
5801 Fawn Run Dr., Flower Mound, TX 75028
972-355-0008; carter.toothvet@verizon.net



“We just got a SOPIX and used it for the first time today. It replaced another brand sensor.  To put my assessment of the SOPIX into perspective you need to remember I’m a GP with no great dental skills. I don’t do root canals. I practice in a low-income area where it’s a rare client that has the money to make a trip to our local DAVDC. I have little patience. I have good licensed techs who have learned to take dental rads with the previous equipment. One is great at taking rads having used the previous unit for 7 years. The other is OK, having had only 6 or so months of practice.  The difference between the previous sensor’s films and those from the SOPIX are astounding! Bluntly though, that’s what I expected, so seeing it was no great surprise. I’m guessing that, for my purposes, half the quality improvement would be good enough.  The dealmaker for me though is the radical improvement in the ease of use. The SOPIX is basically a point and shoot device. When you position the sensor right you get a good film. No retaking to change the exposure, the sensor’s automatic exposure control does the work.  For my techs, this “point and shoot” feature is a major stress reducer! Major! Even my best tech is smiling! (The obvious hedge here is maybe my previous sensor is at fault. Maybe others do not almost always have to re-shoot to get a good exposure.)  For me, if you’re a GP with the same needs as I have, I can’t imagine buying a sensor that doesn’t have that automatic exposure feature!  Check these numbers out. Assume that the exposure control saves your tech 5-minutes per dentistry. Assume also that you pay $25 for the tech, which saves about $2 for each set of x-rays you get. If you do 5 per week and your unit lasts 7 years, you save $3600 or so in payroll. I’m guessing that the savings in tech frustration reduction is worth at least as much.”

-Kenton Flaig, DVM
Portville, New York
(716) 933-6112; kflaig@roadrunner.com

“Sensor quality is unbelievable. Everyone who views these films – doctors and techs alike are amazed at the detail. Love it!”

-Dr. Debra Fiorito, Dipl., AVDC * Upgraded
Brick Town Veterinary Hospital
251 Chambers Bridge Rd, Brick, NJ 08723
(732) 447-9440; btvh73@aol.com

“I cannot get this detail with my regular digital rad system that cost $100,000.00.”

-Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, Dipl., ABVP
Alamo Feline Health Center
16201 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 404-2287; tenlivesforcats@yahoo.com

“I did a side-by-side comparison of the two units and SOPIX is so far superior in terms of clarity detail and contrast that I can’t see myself using the other system ever again. For the first time I’ve been able to see and understand what I was shown on a Dental X-ray.”

-Thoulton Surgeon, DVM, FAVD, Dipl., AVDC
ANC Veterinary Center
1 Cottage Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 235-8770; surgeon668@gmail.com

“Thanks for helping me transition from one dental digital sensor and software package that needed replacement. You demonstrated the knowledge and had the products, which gave me the confidence to follow your advice. Glad I did. Worked out. My techs are very happy with the new system and they’re taking lot of films, doing full mouth x-rays on every dental patient. It’s great! Better medicine without question, and that transmits to the bottom line financially. Our new system is superior to the old one and has integrated well with out practice management software. Thanks again!”

-Neil B Tenzer, DVM
Sky Lake Animal Hospital
2645 NE 186th St., Miami, FL 33180
(305) 931-2113; NEIL.BTENZ@aol.com

“We decided to go with the SOPIX Sensor and with no regret. The training was excellent. The product support has exceeded all expectations. Jim has remained in contact with me from the moment I met him and guided me through me a few options and in the end has delivered an exceptional product.”

-Judith Weissman
Clinique Veterinaire Plateau Mont Royal
127 Av Du Mont Royal O, Montreal, QC H2T 2S9 Canada
(514) 842-5490; judithweissmann@vetplateau.com

“SOPIX rules! I am absolutely ecstatic about this sensor. We’ve had a chance to use it on a few cases, both canine and feline and have gotten our workflow down. The fact that one literally has to work to create a poor exposure is pretty amazing. The SOPIX is a quantum leap above the competitors in that image quality is phenomenally improved. Thank you for getting us a SOPIX unit.”

-Robert Yelland, DVM * Upgraded
Berkley Dog & Cat Hospital
2126 Haste Street, Berkley, CA 94704
(510) 848-5041; ryelland@comcast.net

“Jim, the SOPIX Sensor is excellent and the laptop is perfect. I had a technician from Dr. Gate’s practice at my hospital during Bob’s training, and he was blown away by the quality of the image and the resolution of the monitor. If you’re smart, you’ll absolutely make suggesting that laptop a regular part of what you offer to clients . . . it streamlines the process enormously for the average veterinarian and provides them with a machine that utilizes your sensor to the utmost. Thanks again!”

-Sacramento Animal Hospital
Dr. Erin True
5701 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 451-7213; dretrue@hotmail.com

“When my senior technician first saw the Sopix images, after having used another brand system for years, he remarked that the images are a 1000 times better. I have to agree that the images are amazing! Now all of our hospitals want to trade up to the Sopix.”

-Link V. Welborn, DVM, DABVP, CCRT
Board Certified in Canine and Feline Practice
Tampa Bay Veterinary Medical Group
Vice President
Chairman, VMG Strategic Opportunities Committee
Veterinary Study Groups, Inc.

“I am loving my SOPIX. Two images taken of a dry bone specimen. They were identical in all ways except I shot one at 6 pulses and the other at 70 pulses. You cannot tell the difference between the two. This was to illustrate that the SOPIX Sensor just cannot be over exposed.”

-Dr. Fraser Hale, Dipl., AVDC
Guelph, ON N1H-7N8 Canada
(519) 822-8598; toothvet@toothvet.ca

“Jim, you have a wonderful system . . . best on the market!”

-Animal Medical & Dental Group * Previous Schick user
David Nielsen, DVM
1401 North Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 546-5731; dnielsendvm@gmail.com

“Thanks Jim! I cannot believe the quality of my SOPIX Sensor. It is like moving from the Stone Age to modern technology.”

-Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital * Upgraded from Bio Ray
Ron Altman, DVM
5920 Hwy 73, Evergreen, CO 80439
(303) 674-3156

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the new SOPIX system. As you know, I had used the other system for about 6 years before purchasing the SOPIX. It is like night and day! The images are incredibly clear and detailed, and the program is excellent! Thank you!”

-Scott Linick, DVM, FAVD
Westfield Animal Hospital
357 South Ave East, Westfield, NJ 07090
(908) 2336030; Dentvet@aol.com


“I just wanted to thank you both for all your help in the past few months. Jim has been so helpful both when Dr. O’Sullivan was shopping for dental equipment and once we purchased our system. CeCe did a wonderful presentation and she was very patient with our questions and “over-thinking” positioning. We have already done a few practice shots on our first dental and really the only thing that needs improvement is us. The system is so easy and the quality of the images is amazing – we are all wondering why we didn’t do this sooner! Feel free to give out our number or email and we will gladly talk to any other clinics that may be thinking of going with your company.”

-Gayton Animal Hospital
Samantha Tisnado, DVM
9764 Gayton Rd., Richmond, VA 23238
(804) 741-0144; gaytonvet@gmail.com; hkmontgomery@hotmail.com

“I absolutely positively love it. Such gorgeous radiographs, leaves the other system in the dust and then some! The software is so easy I figured it out in no time flat. Thank you so much for your help!”

-Mayfair Animal Hospital
Kristin Musgrave, DVM
1130 SW Maynard Rd., Cary, NC 27513
(919) 467-6146; gatorvet@mayfairvet.com

“I have owned AFP/EVA and Schick digital dental radiograph programs and they have been fine. I demoed the SOPIX system more than two years ago, but I just took the plunge. Since I am not good with computers I am very hesitant to change, particularly when it comes to technology. I have been using the SOPIX for the past two weeks and it is GREAT! I started with my old computer and it was good on that, just VERY slow. I upgraded my computer and it is performing wonderfully. WOW, have computers gone down in price for what you get! If you need help with computers ask Jim for a great group in New Jersey that can make a nice notebook for you in a couple of days for a very reasonable price. I ordered mine Thursday afternoon and had it Monday.  The Acteon support team is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! They have been so helpful. I have been able to talk with them during the day when I have questions. They will even get on your computer and help you.  My technician has picked up on it and is more computer savvy than I so she is looking around and finding all kinds of ways to personalize the system. The print out now has our logo, name, and address on it. I am excited to learn more about the system.  I cannot wait to use it at the National Zoo.”

-Barron P. Hall, DVM, FAVD, Dipl., AVDC *Upgraded
Animal Dental Clinic
410 Maple Ave West, Suite 1, Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 281-5900; k92barron@me.com

“We upgraded the sensor and software that we have had for about 15 years to the SOPIX. Having seen this software in various exhibit halls and having tried it out, it seemed like a “no-brainer”. The images are not only clearer than the old technology; it has made image interpretation easier for veterinarians that are new to this skill.  Jim Merritt was a pleasure to work with and he facilitated the transition well and his support team is incredible as well.  This was a decision our practice made without regret.”

-Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) *Upgraded from Schick
RAU Animal Hospital
2135 Jenkintown Road, Glenside, PA 19038
(215) 884-0453