Dental Focus Software

Dental Focus®, LLC now offers a new intuitively designed veterinary-based imaging software specifically built around companion animal and equine dentistry, Dental Focus Software.

Dental Focus® Software is next-generation imaging software that offers flexibility and functionality while remaining incredibly user friendly.

The new easy to use Dental Focus Software is completely built from the ground up.

It has been developed around the feedback and input that our company has received from our customers over many years in the veterinary industry.

It will check all the boxes on your wish list for veterinary dental imaging software.

The completely customizable patient reports will allow for enhanced client communication. These reports will not only foster trust between you and your client but will showcase the clear value in the procedural need to eradicate the dental disease.

With simple tooth numbering/charting, customizable patient reports, DICOM compatibility, a variety of analytical features, and manipulation tools, the Dental Focus® Software is the ideal program for streamlining veterinary dentistry in your practice.

Practice Management Software Compatibility

  • Ezy Vet
  • Cornerstone
  • IDEXX Neo
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