EndoEar CE

Course: EndoEar: Enhanced Endoscopic Diagnosis and Intervention for Ear
Disease in Small Animals
Date: September 23 – 24, 2022
Venue: Viticus Center, Oquendo Campus | Las Vegas, NV
CE Hours: 16

Hands-on training led by expert instructors equals enhanced proficiency and improved
endoscopy skills. Build your confidence with accuracy and efficiency:
• Understand the detailed anatomy and common pathology in the external and
the middle ear of companion animals
• Understand equipment requirements and set-up for the endoscopic approach to
the ear
• Review a variety of pathology encountered in the external and middle ear and how
to diagnose it endoscopically
• Understand the role of CT imaging and interpretation
• Practice endoscopic trans-canal washout and delivery of medicine in cadavers
• Learn how to localize the bulla in the dog using optical image guidance
• Practice endoscopic assisted ventral bulla osteotomy and dissection in cadavers

Munir Kureshi, DVM, BSc, BS
Cupertino Animal Hospital | Pet Ear Care Center
Mahmood Bhutta, FRCS (ORL-HNS) DPhil, PGCME

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