Elsam IV Dental Treatment Wet Lift Table


  • Elsam IV Dental Wet Left Table (shown with X-Mind Unity with SOPIX Inside)

    Overall dimensions:  73” H x 23” W x 62” L

  • Table height from floor:  Min. 8”, Max. 42”
  • Table dimensions:  23” W x 53” L  &  2” tub depth
Wall Mount Design:  
  • With the table mounted to the wall, there are no obstructions on the floor beneath the table.
  • Cleaning the floor under the table is much easier.
  • The area under the table is clear for performing procedures sitting down.
  • A table attached to the wall is sturdier when contending with heavy animals.
  • Peninsula design allows access to both sides of the table so that the doctor and technician may face the animal and each other.
Additional Features:
  • Hydraulic drive for dependable, fast, smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy installation; all hardware is included.  Attaches to studs or concrete
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Available with digital weigh scale that is usable in all positions with resolution to 0.1-lbs
  • Plumbing can be customized to the individual needs of the installation
Options Available:
  • Scale
  • Insulated Mats