DF Mobile Dental Table

The Dental Focus® Mobile Dental Table is based off our popular Electric Transport Table. This table is a perfect option for practices expanding their dentistry program. Featuring a full sink this table is more than capable for all your dental procedures. Mobility allows for this table to function as a transport gurney when not in use. Dimensions

  • Width 23”

    Twin Creek Animal Hospital, Bellevue NE

  • Length 54”
  • Height Range 13-41”
  • Weight Limit 225-lbs
  • Weight 100-lbs


  • Electric height adjustment using rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel tub and grill
  • 5” medical grade bearing casters with brakes
  • Drain bucket is out of the way of operation
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Optional Insulated Mats

Downloads: DF Mobile Dental Table