Dental Focus® Wet Lift Table

The Dental Focus® Wet Lift table is a perfect option for all your dental and treatment table needs. Featuring a full sink and spray hose and instrument tray. A sloping sink makes for easy cleaning and draining system designed to work at any height.


  • Width 22 ¾”

    Union Vet Clinic, Washington DC

  • Length 56 ½”
  • Height Range 31-46 ¾”


  • Pedal controlled height adjustment
  • Attached instrument stand tucks underneath table for discrete storage
  • Split grate for easy removal and cleaning
  • Sloping sink for efficient draining
  • Hair trap prevents debris from clogging the drain
  • Convenient spray hose reaches across table length and stores discreetly
  • Cut corners for accessibility

Dental Focus Wetlift 11-6-18