Dental Artificial Veterinary Investigation Device D.A.V.I.D.

Introducing Your New Dental Care Assistant

Introducing the latest innovation from Dental Focus – our brand-new software, D.A.V.I.D (Dental Artificial Veterinary Investigation Device). D.A.V.I.D is a cutting-edge tool designed to transform the way veterinary professionals approach client education in the realm of dental care.

Dental Artificial Veterinary Investigation DeviceD.A.V.I.D. software is a tool created to aid doctors and technicians with client education. Based on information from millions of images, the software can scan dental radiographs, photographs, and videos and identify pathology found. The software prepares evidence to create a report which showcases the pathology found to the client. With over 70 pathologies and anomalies recognizable by the system, D.A.V.I.D. software is sure to help create comprehensive client education sheets.

  • Streamlines client education
  • Recognizes over 70 pathologies and anomalies
  • Increases profitability

By uploading a photo or radiograph of the animal’s dentition, the software will automatically highlight areas of interest, labeling it with pathology found. Selecting highlighted pathology will provide written paragraphs outlining the details about the found pathology. Those paragraphs and images can be used to effectively communicate complex information to the client about their pet.

Dental Artificial Veterinary Investigation Device

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