Ultrasonic Scalers

newtronPure Newtron

PURE Performance

Improved ergonomics, better hygiene

Inclined front panel for better visibility
– Easier access to settings and handpiece

Flat glass surfaces and uncluttered design
– Totally watertight and hygienic for simple cleaning
– Removable power knob
– Easy infection control

Intuitive settings
Easily choose the correct power settings for each tip
according to the Color Coding System™ (CCS)
– High power amplitude for fast procedures
– Reduced risk of tip breakage

Illuminated power knob
– High visibility of settings chosen
– Soothing colored lights indicate power level

Exclusive handpiece holder
– Can be installed on the front or side of the device
– Reduced risk of handpiece falling
– Removable and autoclavable silicone
– Unbreakable new design

NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED hand-piece perfectly balanced
Thinner body and more flexible cord
– Better grip for perfect treatments
– Detachable and autoclavable nose cone

Titanium interior
– Super light weight
– Extremely resistant to corrosion for a long life

Excellent intraoral visibility
– 6 High power LEDs (100,000 lux)

Cruise Control® System
– Forty years of research and know-how led to the development of the Cruise Control® System.
– The tip always tuned to the right ultrasonic frequency depending on its environment
– Powerful and regular vibrations providing smooth and fast treatments
more comfortable for the patient

Download: Ultrasonic Units Brochure PDF