Animal Dental Training Center

The east coast’s first state-of-the-art Post-Graduate Center for Veterinary Dental & Oral Surgery Continuing Education Courses 

On January 29, 2000, the Animal Dental Training Center (ADTC) opened its doors and created a permanent and dedicated facility for continuing education in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery for veterinarians and technicians alike. Since its inception, the Animal Dental Training Center has held nearly 375 classes across all topics in small animal veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. The center has been host to over 5000 participants world-wide and remains the premier facility for those seeking unparalleled and comprehensive “hands-on” veterinary dental continuing education programs. Small class sizes, individual workstations, interactive lectures, and an open forum approach to learning make classes at the ADTC a truly unique and professionally rewarding experience.

Starting in December of 2001, the ADTC began offering “Masters level” courses for those individuals with proficiency in dentistry and seeking training on more advanced topics within the dental disciplines. In addition to its regular schedule of courses, the ADTC has hosted the ACVS’s Arlington VA’s wet lab in dentistry, CVC East wet labs, and provides yearly veterinary dental mock exams to help candidates prepare for taking their veterinary dental specialty boards.

The many veterinary dental programs offered through the ADTC are for all ability levels and include special “technician weekends”, exclusively feline programs, and continuing education courses in dental radiology, oral pathology, oral surgery, restorations, and endodontics for general practitioners and those veterinarians with a special interest in dentistry. Learn more about the current animal dental continuing education offerings on the ADTC website.