SOPIX® is the ONLY digital sensor on the market that never overexposes with the highest detail available every time.  This gives SOPIX® users consistent advantages when viewing tooth resorption in cats and when dealing with the zygomatic arch; it ensures overall comfort and confidence in diagnosing disease.  The SOPIX® dramatically reduces staff frustration by always producing an image with perfect exposure, which saves time and money by eliminating the need to take multiple shots.


What makes SOPIX® different?

  • 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty with Free 2-Year Extended Warranty
  • Includes User-Friendly Veterinary Specific Software that allows users to focus on the animal and not the software
  • The software can be networked throughout your hospital with no additional charge
  • Images are organized using the triadan numbering system
  • Multiple dental charts are available and software users have the ability to customize dental charts based on preference
  • Oscilloscope and computer diagnostic tools in software for accurate support
  • Detailed Client Education Sheets can be printed out to show X-rays to the client
  • Includes a team of Technical Support Specialists
  • Free Remote Software Training
  • Cut edged sensor design allows easier sensor placement when shooting the molars
  • Works with your existing X-ray or with the X-MIND Unity

Download: SOPIX® PDF

Download: Dental Focus™ Sensor Checklist 2021