Scaler Tips

Scaler tips

 The number 1 scaler tip is for universal treatment
Simple cases and gross supra-gingival scaling.





 The number 2 scaler tip is for heavy calculus.
Removing supra-gingival deposits, flat end to
apply to the surface of the teeth.





 The 10P scaler tip is for shallow pockets.
Heavy fine tip designed for scaling shallow
pockets, greater irrigation than other tips.





 The 10X scaler tip is for interproximal
treatment. For supra-gingival scaling,
anatomic shape allows quick efficient hand




 The 10Z scaler tip is for sub-gingival scaling.
Specifically for scaling medium pockets and
periodontal maintenance of simple





 The H3 scaler tip a universal curette.
Ideal tip to begin with for the treatment of
anterior teeth.