V-Series Brochure

The V30 Duo is unlike any other diode laser on the market. With both the option for therapeutic and surgical applications, the V30 Duo is sure to be useful in any practice. With up to 30 Watts of Continuous Wave and 120 Watts of Super Pulse laser power, the V30 Duo produces cutting unlike any other in surgical applications and treatment of large and deep tissue volumes in therapeutic applications. The V30 Duo features five handpiece attachments for therapeutic applications. The unit has pre-set species specific settings, or custom settings are available. Patented Super Thermal Pulse, converts laser energy into safe micro-pulses of thermal energy for greater surgical control. Pulses as short as 10 millionths of a second, reduced thermal effect on tissue, and minimizes drag on tissue when cutting. The V30 Duo features one-of-a-kind Automatic Power Control to auto-adjust laser energy in real time to maintain a consistent temperature at the tip.



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