Elsam III Dental Treatment

Elsam III Dental Treatment
Wet Lift Table
(New Free Standing Design)

Wet Lift TableSpecifications:

  • Overall dimensions:  73” H x 23” W x 62” L
    Table height from floor:  Min. 8” and Max. 42”

Design Benefits:

  • Peninsula design allows access to both sides of the table so that doctor and technician may face the animal and each other.
  • Cleaning the floor under the tables much easier.
  • The area under the table is clear for performing procedures sitting down.
  • Allows use in a smaller exam room.

Additional Features:

  • Hydraulic drive for dependable, fast, smooth and quiet operation.
  • Digital weigh scale is useable in all positions – Lbs & Kgs.
  • 100% stainless steel construction.
  • Fully automatic zero on scale readout.
  • Easy-to-read display offers exceptional brightness at wide viewing angles.
  • Raised rear lip to prevent liquid from being spilled behind the table.
  • Shipping weight 350 Lbs.

Three Year Warranty:  Includes defects on all parts and workmanship