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Has your practice been thinking about adding another x-ray or sensor due to increased volume? 

Well, it is the perfect time to do so!

For a limited time, we are offering a $1,000 OFF DF™-PS-2 to add to your already existing software. 


*Direct sales only.
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Learn more about the DF™-PS-2 below. 




NEW Dental Focus™, Point & Shoot 2 Digital Dental Sensor 

Dental Focus™, LLC is proud to introduce the DF™-PS-2 digital dental sensor!

This new state of the art sensor is the next generation in veterinary digital imaging. 

The DF™-PS-2 offers a wider dynamic range than competing sensors, guaranteeing clear consistent quality and the most diagnostic image possible. The DF™-PS-2 sensor offers apparent advantages when shooting dental X-rays. The controlled exposure ensures the perfect image quality every time, allowing for fewer images to be taken, quicker procedures for the doctor, and shorter time under anesthesia. The superior image quality offered by the DF™-PS-2 sensor improves the ability to identify apical abscesses, periodontal pockets, and both minor and radical tooth resorption. Practices new to dental radiographs will find that there is a much shorter learning curve with this DF™-PS-2 sensor, as the reliable imaging will require less time to be spent on re-taking X-rays and allow for more time to master the technique of shooting radiographs. 

The DF™-PS-2 sensor also breaks the mold with its resilient design. The sensor is made with a specially hardened casing which holds up better against unexpected physical and water damage. The solid surface area offers more durability than previous generation sensors and will prove dependable against accidental trauma.