The Cello® Highspeed Dental Unit combines sleek design and dependability to practices both new to dentistry or looking to upgrade. Unlike older units available, The Cello® handpieces are electronically controlled providing for a more reliable experience and easier to troubleshoot in an emergency.

The Cello® is an all-in-one unit and features high speed and low-speed handpieces as well as an ultrasonic scaler, water, and air syringe, and suction handpiece. Also mounted on the unit is a variable brightness lamp.

  • Highspeed Handpiece

  • 10pc – Burr Starter Kit

  • Low speed Handpiece

  • Prophy Cup Starter Kit

  • Ultrasonic Scaler (3 Tips)

  • Suction

  • Water/Air Syringe

  • Maintenance Free Oil-less Compressor

  • 2-Year Warranty