AC Wall Mount Dental X-ray

The AC Wall Mount Dental X-ray delivers safe and powerful performance in a compact package. Once fixed to the wall, the x-ray can be folded away until the need to capture high resolution radiographs arises again. The x-ray can adapt to almost any existing configuration in your consultation room.



  • Control panel conveniently located on head of unit
  • Compatible with both digital sensors and conventional film
  • Preset custom modes frequently used for quick setup
  • Quick button for 60 kVp and 70 kVp operating modes
  • Includes optional dead man switch
  • Scissor arm reach of 63 inches and fixed arm reach of 26 inches to allow all potential scope requirements
  • Secure aluminum arm construction with easily adjustable spring tension ensure clear radiographic results
  • Includes wired and wireless remotes
  • Two year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Download: AC Wall Mount Dental X-Ray PDF

Download: AC Mobile & Wall Mount Dental X-ray Specifications PDF